CS50 Final Project: A Real-Time Memory Game

Published on February 18th, 2024.

CS50's final project consists of an online memory game to be played with a friend, developed using Python (Flask and WebSockets), JavaScript, CSS, and SQLite. The link to play online can be found here .

The game includes a waiting room where users wait for their partners to connect while simultaneously keeping track of the scores of ongoing matches at that moment. Played in pairs, participants have the ability to view the cards flipped by their opponents, providing an engaging and strategic dynamic.

The main goal of this project was to explore the possibilities and experience of a full-duplex connection through WebSockets, an area in which I had no prior experience. Although it was a complex challenge with moments of uncertainty, the emotional support from family and friends was crucial in overcoming obstacles, allowing me to complete the project within the established deadline for submission to the CS50 course at Harvard University in the year 2022.

🚀 Key Tech Stack:
* Backend: Python with Websockets
* Frontend: Pure JavaScript (no framework)
* Deployment: Heroku Server
* Database: SQLite3

🎮 To play
github Github

Check out the game in action on my YouTube link: